During a car’s lifetime, it changes multiple hands and that is completely normal. If you are buying a car or selling one then you may need to think about changing the ownership. Now you may need to change ownership of the car it’s quite normal.

You want to give the car to a family member. May that’s why you need to know how to transfer a car title to a family member. But there is a common misconception amongst many that it is a complicated process.

change car ownership

We know its a process that everyone needs to know about. So here are some steps you can take to change the ownership of the car.

Title Certificate or Logbook

So whenever you are thinking about changing the ownership of the car then you are obligated to inform the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). For you, to this, you need a  DMV form or logbook. This is proof that you are the owner of the car.

This is a legal requirement and must be followed by everyone thinking about changing the ownership. You can simply do it by visiting the DMV website or sending the paperwork through snail mail.

 how to transfer car ownership

So usually people don’t post documents anymore as the online option is a very fast outlet where you get faster turnaround time. The details of a vehicle transfer vary from one owner to the other because of the different sorts of transferring policies.

If you are selling to a dealership than the process of dealing with the transfer will be different than transferring to another human or a family member.

Changing Ownership Of The Car

So whenever a car is changing ownership privately it is obligated by law that it accompanies a title certification. The title certificate will contain all the details of the current keeper or owner of the car.

When making the change the new keeper or owner of the car will have to fill out a section of the certificate to ensure a proper transfer. This is called a title transfer. The certificate needs to be signed by all the parties involved i.e the old and new keeper of the car and sent to the DMV.

If you are the new keeper of the car then you will also need to fill out sections within the form that will be specified for you. Keep a copy of this document at hand until you get a confirmation stating that you are the new owner of the car. You can easily do this online on the DMV website.

Just simply use the title form reference number and you will be able to do register as the new owner. This is because the DMV website is constantly and instantly updated during office hours. So you don’t have to wait around a lot.

Changing Ownership Through A Dealer

So if the ownership change involves a dealer and you are selling to one then all parties involved have to fill out the form. When this is done the dealership will take on the ownership of the car and then they will have to notify the DMV about the new change of ownership.

change car ownership

At this point, the dealership will be in possession of the vehicle. Once the dealership notifies the DMV the previous keeper meaning you will receive a confirmation of acknowledgment. This may take up to 4 weeks but not more than that. The DMV will cancel any outstanding Tax direct debits you may have had and you will also get tax refunds if any are due.

Car Title Transfer Along With Registration Transfer

So whenever you are transferring the car title or ownership of the car you can keep your old registration number. It’s a simple process and you can do it by completing an application that you can even download online.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to take care of this process before you are processing the title or ownership change of the car.

Once done you will be able to keep the registration number to your name. You can even keep it for 10 years if you want and you don’t even have to use it to keep as well.

Car Tax

Obviously, someone else will not pay your taxes. You cannot transfer existing road taxes to the new owner or to a new car. The taxation is a vital process and you need to completely get it done when the keeper has been changed.

If you are the new keeper of the car then you need your car to be taxed as soon as possible under your name. You can simply do it online or take a form and drive down to a local post office that can file car tax applications.

Make sure that you get this done on the day of the purchase as it will question not only the validity of the transfer but also is a legal hassle that might arise from not filing the tax applications.

How To Transfer A Car Title Or Ownership To A Family Member?

You can easily change the car title through the DMV. As for the complete ownership change to a family member you can do it as well. The process is the same and you don’t need to freak out about lines and delays because you can easily do it from the DMV website.

Make sure that you also notify the DMV about the new keeper of the car and also ensure that the car is taxed under the right keeper. Otherwise, later on, it will create confusion and will become a big hassle for everyone involved in the deal.

can you transfer ownership of a car online

New Car New Owner

So there you go. That is how one changes car ownership from one to another. The process is really easy, right? One thing you should remember is that if you are looking to drive your car home right after the ownership transfer then you need to have the road tax and insurance in your own name.

Additionally, remember to do ample research for the car you are buying. Get a full vehicle history report that details the entire car’s life. You can use the AutoPartsZ app to scan the VIN and download the full vehicle history report to find out whether the car is worth buying or not. And don't forget to take a full check up of your new car before using. Here are some car care tips for your convenience.

With that being said I will draw the curtains right here. Let us know in the comments below any problems you faced while changing or transferring the car title and ownership.

Also, send us your thoughts and suggestions so that we understand what you are looking for and tailor the content more to your liking. Till then, Adios!