Winter is fast approaching. While it is the most beautiful time of the year for most of us it’s not so much for your car. The harshness of winter makes it hard for a car to function. Your car may start to falter at many levels due to the cold.

car care during winter

To prevent that there winter car care steps you can take. This way you prepare beforehand for all the different problems that may arise during winter. Now if you are a new car owner then you may be wondering, how to take care of your car in the winter?

Here at PartsCargo, we have made an extensive list of car care tips during winter that you should know for your car. Without wasting any time let’s just dive into the PartsCargo Winter Car Care Checklist.


The road during winter can become a dangerous place. This is why in many places it has become mandatory to change tires when winter comes. Even if you think that you don’t need winter tires you should invest in a set.

They provide greater grip and helps you keep balance when driving on the icy winter roads. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to regularly check the tires during winter. It is imperative that you keep your car’s tires at the optimal pressure and check if the treads are in good condition.

Car Wash

During winter snow is a given. Snow, ice, salt, and sand create slush on the ground which can be detrimental to your car’s body part. Now you may have this idea that you don’t need to wash your car or you don’t have to wash your car during winter but trust me it is vital you do.

You should always plan ahead on giving your car a good wash and waxing before any slush build-up. A build-up of slush will cause rust and damage your car’s body parts. Regular checkups and maintenance will help prevent that from happening. Usually, it builds up around your tires and front grille of your car so be sure to check around regularly.

Oil Check

An oil check is mandatory in the checklist for winter car care. During winter if you want your car to perform optimally then you need to ensure that oil levels are perfect.

If the oil level isn’t up to mark or if it is contaminated then your car’s performance will most definitely be hampered. If you are changing the oil it’s wise to check the owner’s manual. You will be able to see what sort of oil is recommended for your model.

Wipers Check

Windshield wipers are an important thing to keep in check. They may wear out and cause damage to the windshield which will be a road safety issue. It’s hard enough to see the road on a snowy day on top of that if the windshield is damaged then you will obviously face driving in low visibility conditions.

This is why the windshield wipers check is important. Make sure that the wipers are in good condition along with the wiper fluid. If the fluid didn’t perform well at a low temperature then you should most definitely change it during winter. Also when you are getting new windshield wiper fluid make sure that it has de-icing capabilities.

Heater Check

It becomes hard to drive the car during winter if there is no working heater. Imagine you run into your car trying to save yourself from the cold outside only to find out the heater isn’t working. To save yourself from the bone-chilling cold when driving you need make sure your heater is working perfectly.

Remember, the heating system also includes the defrosting mechanism for your car. This is vital as a malfunction in this auto part will make your car will break down. You don’t need that when driving do you? So make sure you have the heating system checked before winter arrives.

Radiator Check

A radiator checkup is a part of our winter car care checklist. Your radiator needs good antifreeze and the level should be perfect as well otherwise the liquid could freeze or create a buildup.

This sort of buildup or freeze can make your transmission to fail. So take your car to the repair shop before the winter season hits.

Winter Car Start

So if you have been told that you need to start your car beforehand so that it warms up then know that it is a myth. Yeah! I was surprised as well. Your car’s engine doesn’t need that much of a head start. Just get in and start your car and then slowly start driving. Driving will give your car a faster warm-up than just starting and letting it sit in the cold.

However, if you don’t drive your car regularly you should know that you have to start your engine once in a while. This will keep the fluids and oils flowing properly. You don’t have to do much just start your car once a month and you will be good. This will not only help you during winter but also keep your car safe during the warmer months as well.

Emergency Kit

Winter can be really harsh. If you are in states that experience extremely harsh winter than keeping an emergency kit in your car is an absolute must. Even if it’s not winter or the winters are mellow you should still keep an emergency kit in your car.

One reason for this is because you never know what might happen during driving. Now we don’t want anything bad to happen obviously but being prepared on the road is a precaution every car owner should undertake.

The emergency kit in your car should have a blanket, flashlight, non-perishable food items, water, jumper cables, shovel, and sand or salt. Now if you are going somewhere far or will be out on the road for a long time then it is a must that you keep your phone fully charged before going out.

Car Battery Check

So with winter fast approaching, you need to be prepared fully. And one of the points within our winter car care checklist is the battery check. You should most definitely be checking the batteries before the winter because you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the road in the middle of a blizzard in dead winter.

It’s easy to ignore the battery as it is always hidden away under the hood. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and the terminals and acid are clear and clean as well. This way you ensure that you don’t have a dead battery in hand that renders your car completely useless.

winter car care advice

Go To An Expert

So there you go, this is the PartsCargo Winter car care checklist. Make sure you follow these to ensure proper efficient performance from your car. Make sure that car care during winter is done properly.

While these are all things you can do yourself it is suggested by experts that you take your car to an expert at least once before winter. This way they will be able to detect any niggling problems that may be hidden.

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What is your winter care checklist for your car? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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