Ever since the introduction of modern cars people have been obsessing over car modifications. We have an innate desire to stand out and showcase our individuality and our car as an extension of our self works as a perfect outlet for that. You can find car mods all over the US with car lovers of all types make sure that their car displays their personality.

There are tons of different types of car mods you can get for your car. Some are legal and some not so much. Legal car mods are usually harmless and are street legal. Meaning they do not put other people and the people in the car in danger. However, illegal car mods well, they can be pretty dangerous on the streets and this is why they usually incur a hefty fine and a ticket.

So if you have no idea about car mods and need an introduction then you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about 5 of the most popular car mods and 5 car mods that are illegal and should not be done. So let’s just begin.

So car mods or car modifications is a blanket term. The simple meaning for this is that any changes made to the car that is different than the default state are considered car mods. It can be a paint change, a suspension upgrade or even the illegal NOS input.

There are car mods that cool to mods that are downright scary. But now we will talk about the legal car mods you can easily do in your car. So let’s start with that.


Suspension upgrades are one of the most popular car mods you will find and it’s legal too. Keeping in mind that you stay within the state limits. Installing an aftermarket suspension within your state’s limit may very well be the best thing you ever do.

The type of suspension upgrade will most definitely enhance your car’s performance. You will be able to ensure that the car is tuned to the way drive and also make sure your car’s handling is better. Whether you want to race or just drive to work getting a suspension upgrade can make your ride a lot more fun than before.

If you have previous experience then you can change the suspension yourself but we recommend you go to a car mod shop nearby and have it installed by a professional.

Installing Turbochargers & Superchargers

Amongst performance-enhancing car mods installing turbochargers and superchargers on your car is one of the most popular and the best thing is that they are legal. Unlike the infamous NOS(Nitrous Oxide) these mods work by increasing the amount of air intake into the engine.

These mods ensure that there is a surplus of air within the engine making sure more fuel is burned to create more energy. Now they are legal in every state unless you fail the emission test. If your mod exceeds the limit for pollution emission for your state then you will be fined so do check it out before you install a turbocharger or supercharger.

All you need to do to use the car mods is pass the smog test and you are set, no more worries. Here is a blog on Legal Car Modifications in New York you can check out for reference.


Many of us car lovers are avid race car fanatics. Whether you admit it or not we all wanna be a racer. Well, this is why one of the most popular interior car mods around is installing a sports seat in your car. Whether you like the sporty seating arrangement or just want to look the part these mods are fairly easily done.

If you choose the right pair of seats then it might even help you with your driving experience as well. However, there are plenty of manufacturers who caution the consumers about their seats not being suitable for streetcars.

This is because sports seats usually come with a race harness which is illegal for street use and the factory manufactured seatbelts are the norm. Be sure to check the sports seat you want to buy.


So painting a car is not a crime that’s for sure. Now if you have a horrible paint job it won’t be considered a crime even though it should be really. But all jokes aside you can paint your car however you like or get a vinyl wrapping and achieve a paint job like effect.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. As long as you don’t impersonate an emergency vehicle like a police vehicle then you are good to go. Also, remember there are paints out there that are banned. Check for the chemicals used in the paint so that you can steer clear of a paint and chemical fume charge from your local authority.

Tinting Your Windows

Now tinting is a tricky subject. While some states require a special permit for you to have any sort of tint on your car others are a bit lax about the subject. Now, for the most part, you are able to get away with some sort tinting on the sides and in the front in most states.

However, you should keep in mind that in most states you cannot have tints on the window or the front that is reflective or makes it impossible to see the inside of the car. There’s a degree of transparency that you have to maintain usually and you can use it in most cases.

Now tinting is common as you know but did you know that it is also one of the most popular car mods that people get? Especially in sunny states, you will see scores of cars with some form of tinting on the windows and windshield.

So you already know that not all mods are street legal. If you just walk through your neighborhood you are bound to stumble into cars that have illegal car mods. That’s not even the whole story.

There are people who don’t even know why the mods are illegal. Here in the following passages, we will introduce you to some of the most common illegal car mods around. So let’s start with number one which is Nitrous Oxide.


So if you have ever watched a movie about racing or cars then you already know NOS. NOS or Nitrous Oxide has been a popular car mod for a long time now. Now, you may have seen its popularity dip and bob but there is no denying that it is a very cheap way to boost your car’s power.

What NOS does exactly is it increases the amount of oxygen within the engine so that fuel burns more resulting in a boost in power. So technically you can drive with a NOS system in your car but in most states, the system cannot be connected to the engine.

Many states believe that the NOS system itself encourages reckless driving and is frowned upon by law enforcement officials. So if you have a NOS system installed and you get pulled over then you better make sure you make them believe you weren’t using it.

Neon Lights On The Car’s Underbody

So Neon Lights were once big in the car community. Now may not that much. But who knows they might even come back again. If you are thinking about getting underbody neon lights then you should know that there are plenty of states that have banned them.

In some states, you are banned from using blue and red as it will be considered as impersonating the police. You are however free to use other colors in those states.

States have banned the use of exterior lighting on the car’s body altogether as well citing that they are a distraction to other drivers and could result in accidents. So make sure you read about your state’s laws on Neon Lights altogether before thinking about having them installed in your car.

Catalytic Converter

Now if you are from the diesel truck community then you know all about Rolling Coal. For those of you who don’t know what it is, well, it’s a thing that many motorists do to annoy passerby and other motorists.

What happens is that the catalytic converter is tampered in a car to make big plumes of black smoke when rolling by. Now you might find it amusing but trust me, you need to tamper with your emission controls if you want to do it and that is illegal everywhere in the country.

If you are tampering with the emission control then you are breaking the clean air pact which means that you are breaking the law. So make sure you don’t do this even if you are tempted because the fines are a sizable amount.

Adjusting Heights Too The Extremes

So jacking up a vehicle or driving a low-rider has been a long-standing feature in the car communities of the US. Now extreme adjustments in height are banned in every state. Whether you are jacking your car up or down it does not matter if it’s way too high or too low then you are in trouble.

Now there is some leeway in this though. There are states that allow for some sort of height adjustment on SUV’s and trucks. There are states that allow for different adjustments for different types of cars. So the states vary in guidelines so make sure you check them out before doing anything.

One thing you can say for sure is that there is a certain height limit on the high and the low side that you cannot cross but the numbers vary across the states. So if you want to have a lowrider then I suggest you check out the state laws first. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Modding It Up

So there you go your introduction to the world of car mods. The mods you see in the passages above are some of the most popular around with a vast majority of people owning cars with mods like those. Yes, even the illegal ones. But remember the illegal mods are illegal for a reason.

They pose a risk to street safety and is considered a potential public hazard. So don’t get them and put yourself and others at risk. And with that being said I will say my goodbyes.

Leave a comment below about your favorite mod and if you have ever made car modifications to your car then tell us what it is. We love to hear from you so do send in any thoughts and suggestions you may have for us. Until next time, see ya!