Modern automobiles are technological marvels. Your car is not only a great way to move around but the additional technology it houses for comfort and safety is jaw-dropping. Most modern cars have amazing computing capabilities built-in. This ensures that when you ride your car it is reliable, fuel-efficient and safe.

Your car even has problem detection systems built-in. The check engine light and other warning lights on the dashboard inform you about the problems that are going on. While this is a good system to rely on there are other types of damages that can be detected through your human senses.

You can easily do this long before the problem becomes dire or the car starts signaling problems. When you know what the problems are you can look up the best auto parts store online and order the replacements you need.

Then you can just take the car to the mechanic and have it fixed. So let’s get into some of the symptoms of car trouble. The following passages are lists of symptoms that you can detect to prevent damages.

Weird Sounds

Weird sounds coming from your car is one of the common signs of car trouble. If you are hearing odd noises coming out of your car you can pretty much be sure that trouble is on the horizon. Your car either has a problem that needs fixing or a problem is arising.

Noises like squealing while braking, grinding while shifting or repetitive knocking noise from under the hood usually means that there is car trouble.

When that happens, just find out what is wrong and buy the auto parts you need. You can easily find the auto parts you need in any auto parts store near your area.


Your car needs a host of different fluids in its auto parts to run efficiently. Those specialized fluids are required for specific systems within your car to functions. Leaks are dangerous for your car as it may cause a system failure.

There are fluids within the cooling system, engine, transmission, differential, brakes or power steering. If any of these auto parts have a leak then it is of the utmost importance to get them fixed.

Do not wait around for anything. As a failure in these systems can lead to huge damages or sometimes can turn out to be fatal.


Your brakes and pedals, and many other parts within the chassis can start to vibrate. This means that there is something within the auto parts that have gone awry. Things like breaks and suspensions can be damaged through the rigors of daily driving.

These damages are accentuated when driving in rough conditions. When you feel that your car is vibrating or shaking more than usual you should check out what’s wrong. Maybe the struts are damaged.

In that case, you would have to go to the nearest auto parts store or contact an online auto parts store. Buy the auto parts and then replace the damaged parts. If you have warped brake rotors you will feel the brake pedal shaking.

If your car has an exhaust leak then you would feel the accelerate vibrate. And the steering wheel will shake if the wheel alignment is poor. These problems will at first cause a drop in performance efficiency. Then it may lead to the break down of the system.

You should be very careful as these symptoms are pretty easy to overlook. Make sure you don’t ignore them and fix the issues as soon as possible.

Increased Exhaust Fumes

Does your exhaust put out a lot of smoke? Then you may have engine trouble. An increase in smoke usually means something either needs replacing or is leaking. And if you want to save your engine and your car then you would need to take it a repair shop ASAP.

You can often tell what the problem is by the color of the smoke. If you see that blue smoke is coming out of the exhaust then it usually means that oil is burning. So when it happens you can be sure that there is a leak in the oil pan. When if there is a coolant leak then the color of the exhaust will be a thick white.

And if the smoke is too dark then it would mean that the engine is burning too much oil. This would mean your air filter is clogged or damaged. At that time you can order an air filter from a good local auto parts store. You can find great auto parts stores online as well that offers free shipping.

So whenever you see a problem with the filter you should change it immediately. This is because if left ignored then it leads to engine trouble and can even mean engine failure at one point.

Guzzling Up more Gas

Are you spending more on gas? Are you having to make more frequent trips to the gas station? Then this means your car requires auto repair. Often times these are small issues like a clogged filter or a worn-out spark plug.

However, you should not ignore this as it could very well turn out to be serious issues like an exhaust leak.

Find The Best Auto Parts Store For You

There you go, those are some of the symptoms that you can look out for to determine whether or not your car needs repairs. Also, it is great to have where you can get whatever you want within the time frame you need them in.

Make sure you search for local auto parts stores that can do that for you. There is plenty of great online auto parts store that offers great products and has amazing service. Make sure you know which store will be the best auto parts online store for you.

This way you can save time when you need to buy replacement parts for your car. If you need a suggestion for the best auto parts store around then you can check out AutopartsZ’s blog on the best auto parts stores.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any of these troubles or if you are following any of these tips already. Also, make sure to tell us what else you would like us to cover. Till next time. Adios