dacia spring ev

Are you looking for an electric car but find the prices mind-boggling? Say hello to the Dacia Spring EV, the most affordable EV on the market that doesn't compromise on quality.

In this detailed review, we'll take an in-depth look at this game-changer, so buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride!

Dacia Spring EV: Features at a Glance

Feature Details
Price Starts at £14,995
Range (WLTP) Up to 137 miles
Battery Size 27 kWh
Motor Options 45 hp or 65 hp
0-62 mph 19.1 sec (45 hp) or 13.7 sec (65 hp)
Top Speed 78 mph
Efficiency 5.1 mi/kWh
Charging 4 hrs (7kW AC) or 45 mins (30kW DC, 20-80%)
Cargo Space 308L boot + optional 35L frunk
Unique Features V2L charging, YouClip accessory system

With its rock-bottom pricing, decent range for cities, and clever features, the Dacia Spring EV is shaking up the affordable EV market.

Let's dive deeper!

The Dacia Spring EV - A Price Tag to Drool Over

Let's start with the jaw-dropping Dacia Spring EV price: a mere £14,995 in the UK!

That's over £10,000 cheaper than its closest competitors like the MG4 EV or the Vauxhall Corsa Electric. Even petrol-powered city cars like the Toyota Aygo X can't compete with this price point.

But don't let the affordable tag fool you – the Dacia Spring EV is no pushover. It's designed for city dwellers who want an electric car without breaking the bank or as a second vehicle for families who already have a larger combustion-engined car.

Design - Rugged and Stylish on a Budget

The Dacia Spring EV may be a budget car, but it doesn't look like one. Taking design cues from the Duster SUV, this little electric car boasts a rugged and chunky appearance that belies its diminutive size (3.7m long).

At the front, you'll find sleek LED daytime running lights blended seamlessly into a gloss black trim strip, a blunt grille design, and a funky-looking lower air intake. The charging port is neatly integrated into the Dacia logo, adding a touch of sophistication.

Moving to the side, the 15-inch alloy wheels and black cladding around the wheel arches lend the car a tougher stance. And at the rear, the funky-looking tail lights and the Spring logo stamped into the tailgate complete the stylish look.

Battery and Performance Details

While the Dacia Spring EV isn't a speed demon, its two motor options provide adequate pep for urban driving. The base model comes with a 45hp electric motor that can hit 62mph in a leisurely 19.1 seconds, topping out at 78mph.

For those wanting a bit more grunt, there's the 65hp motor that shaves the 0-62mph time down to a more respectable 13.7 seconds, though the top speed remains 78mph.

Thanks to its lightweight design under 1 ton, the Spring EV sips electricity, with Dacia rating it at an impressive 5.1 miles per kWh. In real-world testing, it achieved close to its claimed 137-mile range on a full charge of the 27kWh battery pack.

Interior - Surprisingly Upscale for the Price

Step inside the Dacia Spring EV, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the upscale interior. Flashes of copper and green lift the otherwise dark cabin, and the 7.0-inch digital driver's display (standard) adds a modern touch.

Go for the range-topping Extreme trim (£16,995), and you'll get a 10.0-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, power mirrors, and copper-colored exterior trim.

But that's not all – the Dacia Spring EV also comes with a host of safety features, including autonomous emergency braking, traffic sign recognition with speed alert, rear park assist, lane-keeping assist, and a driver attention monitor.

And if you're a fan of customization, you'll love the YouClip system. It allows you to flexibly mount accessories like cupholders, phone or tablet stands, or extra interior lighting, making your Spring EV truly yours.

Power and Range - Modest but Sufficient

Powering the Dacia Spring EV is either a 45hp electric motor (0-62mph in 19.1 seconds, 78mph top speed) or a sprightlier 65hp unit (0-62mph in 13.7 seconds). While not lightning-quick, these motors are perfectly suited for city driving, which is the Spring EV's primary purpose.

Speaking of city driving, the Spring EV's Dacia EV range is around 137 miles, thanks to its 27kWh battery pack. This may not seem impressive on paper, but it's more than enough for those with short city commutes, and it makes the Spring EV an excellent second car for nipping around town.

Plus, with an impressive efficiency rating of 5.1 miles per kWh (an MG4 EV manages around 3.8mi/kWh), the Dacia Spring EV sips electricity like a champ!

Dacia Spring EV 45hp 65hp
0-62mph 19.1s 13.7s
Top Speed 78mph 78mph
Range ~137 miles ~137 miles
Efficiency 5.1 mi/kWh 5.1 mi/kWh

Charging - Convenient and Hassle-Free

Charging the Dacia Spring EV is a breeze. With a 7kW AC home wall box, you can charge the battery from 0-100% in just four hours. And if you're on the go, you can top up from 20-80% in 45 minutes with a DC fast charger.

But that's not all – the Spring EV also comes with V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) technology, allowing you to use an adapter and power outdoor equipment or appliances directly from the battery. Talk about convenience!

Charging Speed Comparisons

While the Dacia Spring EV's charging speeds aren't blazing, they are on par for its budget EV class. The 7kW AC home charging providing a full refill in 4 hours is actually quicker than rivals like the:

  • Fiat 500e (4.5 hours from 7kW)
  • Mazda MX-30 (5 hours from 6.6kW)

Its 30kW DC fast charging for 20-80% in 45 minutes also bests the Corsa-e's 100kW rate which is limited by its small battery size.

Practicality - More Than Meets the Eye

Don't let the Dacia Spring EV's compact size fool you – this little car is surprisingly practical. With a 308-liter boot, it's bigger than the Corsa Electric and not far behind the larger MG4 EV.

And if that's not enough, you can unlock an additional 35 liters of 'frunk' space by ticking the options box. The rear seats may not split, but you can fold them down to create a massive 1,000-liter cargo area.

Unique Features Spotlight

The Dacia Spring EV has a few unique tricks up its sleeve that add surprising versatility:

YouClip Accessory System

Using a standardized square mounting point, the Spring allows you to customize the cabin with accessories like cupholders, phone mounts, bag hooks, and even a removable LED light.

V2L Vehicle-to-Load Charging

With a special adapter, the Spring's battery can be used to power electronics, home appliances, or outdoor equipment - a handy feature for camping trips.

Generous Cargo Capacity

Despite its tiny footprint, the Spring boasts 308L of boot space, besting the 267L in the more expensive Corsa-e. An optional 35L front trunk provides additional secured storage.

Who Should Buy Dacia EV?

The budget-friendly nature and urban-focused design make the Dacia Spring EV perfectly suited for certain key demographics:

  • City Dwellers & Commuters - With its compact size yet decent range, cabin space, and easy charging options, the Spring is an ideal urban runabout and commuter cars.
  • Young Buyers on a Budget - The Spring's rock-bottom pricing makes it attainable for Gen Z and millennial buyers looking to go electric without breaking the bank.
  • Elderly & New EV Owners - Simple controls, generous visibility, tight turning circle, and easy ingress/egress make it approachable for the elderly or EV novices.
  • Practical Second Household EV - Families can use the Spring for running errands and short trips while retaining a gas car for longer hauls.

Overall, the Spring delivers on its mission as an affordable, functional EV for urbanettes and pragmatic buyers. Its unique mix of value, efficiency, and usability hits a sweet spot Dacia has clearly identified.

dacia spring ev

The Verdict - A No-Brainer for City Dwellers

If you're a city dweller or looking for an affordable second car, the Dacia Spring EV is a no-brainer. With its rock-bottom Dacia Spring EV price, stylish design, upscale interior, and sufficient range for urban driving, this little electric car ticks all the boxes – and then some!

Sure, it may not be the fastest or have the longest range, but for the price, you're getting a lot of car for your money. And let's not forget the impressive efficiency ratings and the convenience of V2L technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to your nearest Dacia dealer and experience the Spring EV for yourself. Trust us; you won't be disappointed!


Still have some questions about the Dacia Spring EV? We've got you covered!

Q: How safe is the Dacia Spring EV?

A: While the Dacia Spring EV has some basic safety features like emergency braking assist and lane keep assist, its crash test ratings are not great. It only scored 1 star in Euro NCAP testing due to the lack of more advanced safety systems.

Q: Can the Dacia Spring EV be charged at public charging stations?

A: Yes, the Spring EV supports both AC charging at home as well as DC fast charging at public stations up to 30kW.

Q: What is the warranty coverage on the Dacia Spring EV?

A: Dacia offers a 3-year/60,000-mile vehicle warranty and an 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranty on the Spring EV.

Q: Is the Dacia Spring EV suitable for highway driving?

A: While the Spring EV can theoretically reach speeds up to 78mph, its small battery size and modest power output mean it is better suited for city and around-town use rather than extended highway trips.

Q: Are there different battery sizes available on the Spring EV?

A: No, all Dacia Spring EV models come equipped with the same 27kWh battery pack size.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the Spring EV from empty?

A: Using a standard 7kW home wallbox charger, it takes around 4 hours to charge the Spring EV's battery from 0% to 100%. Public DC fast charging can get you to 80% in 45 minutes.