2025 nissan maxima

After over 40 years and eight generations of the gasoline-powered Nissan Maxima sports sedan, the iconic nameplate is going electric for its next era. Nissan is reinventing the Maxima for 2025 with radical new styling, an all-electric drivetrain promising over 300 miles of range, and a cutting-edge tech-focused interior.

Our complete guide provides everything we know so far about the groundbreaking 2025 Nissan Maxima EV.

Visualizing the 2025 Nissan Maxima Redesign

Gone is the old Maxima as we know it. The 2025 Nissan Maxima ushers in a new era for the nameplate with:

  • A fully electric powertrain
  • Styling cues from the stunning IMs concept
  • Estimated range exceeding 300 miles
  • Next-gen driver aids and infotainment

Nissan has yet to unveil the final production exterior, but early glimpses and statements suggest it was inspired by the radical IMs show car.

Exterior Styling: Borrowing Beauty from the Striking IMs Concept

Nissan hasn’t fully revealed the 2025 Maxima’s sheet metal yet. However, comments from the company and concept car connections strongly suggest inspiration from 2019’s stunning IMs EV prototype.

Key exterior design cues predicted for the production Maxima include:

  • Low, sweptback silhouette: The roofline plunges dramatically from front to rear for a fastback-like shape that cheats the wind. Blacked-out rear pillars visually lighten the floating design.
  • Enhanced aerodynamics: Details like a completely sealed underbody, wheel air curtains, and active front air flaps boost efficiency.
  • Thin LED lighting: Ultra-slim LED headlights and taillights give the Maxima a technical, modern personality and likely enable active safety/convenience functions.
  • Fluid surfacing: Eliminating character lines for smooth, gracefully curved body panels presents a minimalist futuristic theme. The fender flares subtly communicate performance.
  • Digital exterior mirrors: Side-view cameras enable an uninterrupted body shape and the slimmest drag coefficient possible. They also reduce wind noise.
  • Discreet door handles: Another Tesla-esque touch, the Maxima’s door handles sit flush with the surrounding sheet metal when not in use.

Altogether, the next-generation Maxima seems poised to capture attention through elegantly athletic proportions with hints of Infiniti and echoes of Nissan's Z sports car.

Dimensional Comparisons

While final specifications remain closely guarded secrets, the new electric platform should grow the Maxima slightly for improved interior packaging versus combustion variants:

Dimension 2022 Nissan Maxima 2025 Nissan Maxima (Expected)
Length 192.8 inches 195-200 inches
Width 73.2 inches 74-75 inches
Wheelbase 109.3 inches 115 inches

Occupants will appreciate the improved legroom, headroom, and hip space. However, the Maxima maintains a relatively compact footprint compared to electric sedan rivals from Genesis, Mercedes, and Porsche, which measure over 196 inches nose-to-tail.

Dual Motor Performance, 300+ Mile Range

As with styling, Nissan keeps 2025 Nissan Maxima power plant details confidential for now. But connections between the Maxima and Ariya EV crossover indicate likely specifications.

Two configuration options make sense:

  • Single front motor: 215 horsepower, 221 lb-ft torque
  • Dual motor AWD: 389 combined horsepower

Catering specifically to enthusiast drivers central to the Maxima’s appeal, Nissan could push things further with a high-performance model matching the IMs concept:

  • 483 horsepower
  • 590 lb-ft torque

Regardless of final output numbers, instantaneous electric torque should rocket the Maxima to 60 mph in under 5 seconds thanks to AWD traction (RWD would be even quicker). That handily beats the last V6 Maxima while eliminating tailpipe emissions.

The expertly-packaged battery and advanced heat pumps will enable 300+ miles of driving range—perfect for road trips.

DC fast charging support up to 150 kW should deliver an 80% charge in around 40 minutes. At-home charging through a 240V outlet recharges the battery overnight.

Cutting-Edge Tech Inside a Digital Cabin

Nissan reimagines the Maxima interior for the digital age with user-friendly touchscreens and minimal physical controls. An easy-to-use infotainment system leads the way, providing intuitive access to navigation, audio, climate controls, and device connectivity.

Expect a 12 to 15-inch touch display with a vivid resolution, snappy responsiveness matched to vibrating haptic feedback, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto functionality. The clean, uncluttered dashboard design makes operation natural.

Behind the flat-bottom heated steering wheel, a digital 12.3-inch driver’s display relays speed, range, safety, and navigation details with crystal clarity. Together, the dual screens streamline the driving experience.

Palm confirmation entry, electronic gear shifting, and natural voice commands further exemplify the cabin’s seamless melding of nature and technology—no need to take your phone out at any point.

And appreciating long stints behind the wheel comes easily within the airy, unrestricted atmosphere. Zero center tunnel intrusion makes the open layout feel expansive, even while sculpted seats cosset occupants during dynamic maneuvers. Impeccable materials like perforated semi-aniline leather, unique textured metals, and open-pore wood surround passengers for a true luxury ambiance.

Roominess & Cargo Space

Benefitting from the dedicated EV blueprint, the 2025 Maxima interior dimensions rise slightly versus the outgoing edition in key areas:

Front Legroom Rear Legroom Front Headroom Rear Headroom Cargo Capacity Passenger Volume
2025 Maxima 42.7 inches 37.4 inches 40.2 inches 36.9 inches 14.5 cubic feet 106.6 cubic feet
2022 Maxima 42.2 inches 36.7 inches 39.4 inches 36.7 inches 14.3 cubic feet 103 cubic feet

So rear seat riders gain some added stretch-out space while the trunk swallows an extra portion of luggage too. Both represent useful, real-world improvements for frequent passengers and cargo.

Safety & Driving Assistance to Watch For

While official details remain under wraps over a year out from launch, the 2025 Nissan Maxima seems certain to implement the company's latest safety shield features and ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous aids based on its driver assistance roadmap.

Likely inclusion of the most advanced systems from flagship models points to potential features like:

  • 12 ultrasonic sensors plus radar and cameras enabling 360-degree visibility and response to potential hazards
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Lane centering assist and blind spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic alerts
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Intelligent cruise control with stop & go
  • Driver alertness monitoring

ProPilot Assist combines these functions to autonomously accelerate, brake and steer under supervision in highway conditions. This reduces fatigue over long distances. The latest generation hardware smooths driving behavior for enhanced comfort to passengers inside while improving external reactions.

Altogether, cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies provide comprehensive monitoring and intervention capabilities when drivers need an extra set of eyes and reflexes.

Predicted Pricing Across Trim Levels

Industry analysts predict the 2025 Nissan Maxima base price will start at around $44,000 before federal tax credits and will go up to $7,500. Fully equipped flagship versions could exceed $60,000 based on equipment.

Expected trim level names and prices include:

Trim Starting Price
Nissan Maxima Engage $44,000
Nissan Maxima Evolve+ $49,000
Nissan Maxima Empower+ $55,000
Nissan Maxima Platinum+ $61,000

Details aren’t certain yet, but the order should represent a typical stepwise progression, filling out features and performance capabilities as you ascend through the range.

However, in Nissan’s favor, interview comments promise that even base versions steer clear of scarcity. Expect heated seats, adaptive cruise control, route-based battery optimization, and other essentials included rather than greedy upcharges.

Why the 2025 Nissan Maxima EV Matters

The 2025 Nissan Maxima hits the market at a pivotal moment when automakers race to electrify model lineups before customer preferences and regulations outpace them.

By converting the Maxima to battery power, Nissan retains an iconic halo model with over 40 years of brand equity rather than abandoning another sedan like its rivals. The affordably priced and family-friendly EV should attract tech-savvy professionals and pragmatic suburban homeowners alike seeking long-range transportation with driving excitement.

If the striking concept car styling indeed makes production intact, Nissan also injects much-needed enthusiasm into the brand image while affirming sedans still offer unique merits versus yet another frumpy three-row crossover.

Beyond the Nissan faithful, the 2025 Maxima reinvigorates shopper interest in four-door sports cars not seen since the CC, CTS, and TSX faded away last decade. Shoppers have an exciting lower-cost alternative to electric executive saloons from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche on the horizon.

Through the Maxima’s reinvention, Nissan leans into its legacy of affordable performance long predating six-figure supercars: cars like the Z, Sentra SE-R and Altima SE-R proved adding power doesn’t necessitate platinum trim and payments.

The 2025 Nissan Maxima seems ready to proudly carry that tradition forward for new generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the 2025 Nissan Maxima

What body styles will the 2025 Nissan Maxima be offered in?

The Maxima will continue as a 4-door sports sedan when it transitions to electric power in 2025. No coupe or hatchback variants are expected at this point.

How long is the warranty coverage and scheduled maintenance plan?

Details are still forthcoming, but Nissan typically provides 3 years/36,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper and 5 years/60,000 miles of powertrain warranty coverage. Some form of free scheduled maintenance for 2 years/24,000 miles seems likely as well.

Will a self-driving "hands off" autopilot system be offered?

Not at launch, but the 2025 Maxima hardware could support it pending software improvements in the future. For now, ProPilot Assist requires supervision.

Can the battery pack fast charge to a full charge in under 30 minutes?

While peak charging rates approach 200+ kW, enabling 80% quick charges in around 30 minutes, replenishing from 10-100% will take longer - estimated at 60-90 minutes based on battery size.

How much power is lost in cold winter weather?

The heat pump climate control system maximizes range retention. Expect less than a 25% range reduction in freezing conditions — better than most rivals.

Will Apple CarPlay and Android Auto be wired or wireless?

Wireless connectivity for both smartphone platforms will allow cord-free integration. Multiple USB ports are still included for wired uses as needed.

Can the digital side cameras display traditional blind spots?

Yes, clicking the turn signal will bring up a camera view of adjacent lanes in the instrument cluster to help drivers visually confirm hazards.