2024 cadillac celestiq

The automotive world is abuzz with excitement about the upcoming 2024 Cadillac Celestiq. This hand-built, bespoke electric sedan aims to be the pinnacle of American luxury.

With a starting price of $300,000 and highly customizable features, the Celestiq sets its sights on the elite ultra-luxury market dominated by the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Does the Celestiq have what it takes to dethrone the British luxury giants? Let's take a deep dive into Cadillac's moonshot EV flagship.

A Striking Exterior Design That Demands Attention

One look at the Celestiq's dramatic exterior styling, and it's clear this Cadillac means business.

The fastback silhouette combined with the sheer length and low stance creates a spaceship-like presence. Vertical LED lighting signatures in the front and back provide a modern interpretation of classic Cadillac design cues.

Cadillac mixed old and new throughout the exterior. For example, the hand-crafted Goddess hood ornament calls back to 1950s Cadillacs. On the other hand, the smart glass roof with customizable tint levels looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Speaking of sci-fi, the Celestiq's flush door handles that automatically pop out when needed make the exterior sleeker. Cameras replace side mirrors to further the futuristic vibe.

You can go wild with custom colors to create a truly one-of-a-kind Celestiq. Cadillac states "every Cadillac Celestiq will be unique" thanks to limitless personalization opportunities.

The Stunning Exterior in Detail

Let's take a more in-depth look at some of the most intriguing and distinctive elements of the Celestiq's show-stopping exterior design:

  • Overall proportions - With an overall length surpassing even the Cadillac Escalade ESV, the Celestiq definitely makes a statement. The long hood, flowing fastback roofline, and short rear deck give it an elegant and athletic stance.
  • Flushed door handles - The Celestiq keeps the sides smooth by hiding the door handles. When needed, they deploy automatically based on proximity sensors detecting the key fob. This tech is also used on high-end vehicles like Rolls-Royces.
  • Cameras instead of mirrors - Side mirrors are replaced by slim cameras to complement the futuristic look. However, regulations meant Cadillac had to add traditional mirrors back in.
  • Goddess hood ornament - A hand-crafted Goddess graces the edge of the long hood, harkening back to classic Cadillacs. It's milled into the aluminum and finished beautifully.
  • Vertical lighting - Thin, vertical LED strips for the headlights and taillights give the Celestiq a modern flair. The lights also indicate charging status and perform a synchronized dance during start up and shut down.
  • Smart glass roof - The full-length glass roof panel uses innovative technology to tint from transparent to opaque in sections to control light exposure.
  • Active rear spoiler - A spoiler deploys at high speeds to improve aerodynamics. At lower speeds, it nestles away to preserve the smooth exterior lines.
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum - Cadillac used weight-saving materials like carbon fiber for many panels while also showing off the aluminum structure in areas like the front trunk.
  • Huge 23-inch wheels - Massive 23-inch forged aluminum wheels fill out the wide wheel arches. Multiple color choices are available to customers.

Clearly, Cadillac pulled out all the stops to design a vehicle that oozes presence, prestige, and modern luxury cues.

Electrifying Performance Powered by Cutting-Edge Tech

Underneath the sheet metal lies GM's Ultium battery platform that enables exceptional range and rapid charging.

The Celestiq achieves an estimated:

  • 600 horsepower
  • 640 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds
  • 300 miles of range

Dual electric motors and all-wheel drive provide a balanced, planted ride. Magnetic Ride Control suspension reacts rapidly to road imperfections for a smooth journey.

For even sharper handling at higher speeds, the Celestiq has an active rear spoiler to keep everything stable.

Looking ahead to the future, the Celestiq comes prepared for advanced autonomous driving capabilities leveraging Ultium software.

Detailed Breakdown of the Powertrain and Performance

Let's go deeper into the nitty gritty details that give the Celestiq its electrifying performance:

  • 111 kWh battery - The Celestiq uses an Ultium battery pack with a capacity around 111 kWh. That's close to double what's in a Cadillac Lyriq. The battery layout is unique to the Celestiq.
  • 300+ mile range - Cadillac estimates over 300 miles on a full charge. However, official EPA testing remains to determine exact range numbers.
  • Dual motors - A motor powers each axle to enable all-wheel drive. Combined output reaches around 600 hp and 640 lb-ft torque.
  • Sub 4-second 0-60 time - Few details ignite passion like a 0-60 time under 4 seconds. The Celestiq will offer sports car-like acceleration in a luxury sedan wrapper.
  • 800V architecture - The 800V electrical system allows for lightning-fast DC fast charging. Up to 78 miles of range in just 10 minutes of charging.
  • AWD + torque vectoring - By powering all four wheels and controlling each motor precisely, the Celestiq puts the power down optimally.
  • Air suspension - Adaptive air suspension gives a cloud-like ride quality while maintaining composure during aggressive driving.
  • Rear-wheel steering - At low speeds, the rear wheels turn opposite the front to shrink the turning radius.

Cadillac added many more performance highlights like four-wheel independent suspension, active anti-roll bars, an electronic limited slip differential, and Brembo brakes. The Celestiq has all the hardware needed to be a legitimate performance luxury flagship.

First Class Luxury Within a Tech-Laden Cabin

Simply put, the Celestiq's interior redefines American luxury. An expansive 55-inch pillar-to-pillar curved display dominates the front cabin.

Rear passengers have access to their own screens and can control their individual section of the glass roof. Everyone gets to bask under the canopy of a stellar AKG 38-speaker audio system.

That's just the tip of the iceberg of the indulgent and innovative tech onboard. A few other highlights include:

  • Five total displays including rear entertainment screens
  • Gentherm ClimateSense quad-zone climate control
  • Capacitive buttons to open power doors
  • Over 100 3D-printed metal parts

Of course, buyers can customize the leather, colors, and materials to their heart's desire. Want your signature engraved on a metal plate on the dash? No problem - the Celestiq makes your dreams come true.

Surrounding Passengers in Utmost Luxury

Now let's explore why the Celestiq sets a new bar for first-class interior luxury:

  • Pillar-to-pillar display - The curved 55-inch screen provides an immersive viewing experience and prevents clutter by integrating multiple functions.
  • Rear Executive Seating - With 32-way adjustable seats, heated and ventilated cushions, massage function, and reclining ability, the rear seats rival premium first-class seating.
  • Personalization - Whether selecting unique leathers or engraving signatures into metal dash plates, the interior options enable matchless personalization.
  • Smart glass roof - Each occupant enjoys control over their quadrant of the roof to regulate natural light filtering.
  • AKG Studio Reference audio - With 38 speakers and three amplifiers, the AKG system delivers exceptional 3D concert-like audio.
  • Five displays - Front and rear passengers stay entertained with a total of five screens, including rear seat entertainment.
  • ClimateSense technology - Unique microclimate sensors and ventilators like heated neck scarves provide tailored comfort zones.
  • Material quality - Details like metal toggles, glass knobs, and hand-wrapped leather up the luxury factor.

By combining next-generation technology with old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail, Cadillac created a new benchmark for interior extravagance.

Bespoke Production as Exclusive as the Car Itself

The limited production Celestiq undergoes true bespoke manufacturing in Michigan. A team of craftspeople hand-build each Celestiq to the client's specifications.

Buyers work with a concierge to configure their perfect Celestiq - from exterior color to interior materials and everything between. This customization process takes up to 10 months.

Cadillac caps production at only two Celestiqs per day, totaling around 500 annually. With a starting price approaching $350,000, the Celestiq easily joins the elite ranks of the most expensive vehicles.

Personalized Masterpieces, One Celestiq at a Time

The Celestiq production process mimics how ultra-high-end automakers like Rolls-Royce operate:

  • Made to order - No dealer lot filled with identical Celestiqs. Each one starts as a blank canvas tailored to the customer.
  • Client concierge - A dedicated representative guides clients through selecting every detail of their car during the 10-month process.
  • Hand-built - Assembly completed by a select team in Michigan. Skilled craftsmen and women build two Celestiqs daily.
  • 3D printing - Over 100 components are 3D printed, opening up customization like etching family crests into metal pieces.
  • Flexible manufacturing - Multi-purpose machines hand-construct metal, leather, and wood pieces upon client request.
  • Artistic touches - Details like ornate glass knobs, inlaid wood, and hand-wrapped leather give each Celestiq unique character.

Cadillac has truly raised the bar for how personalized and specialized the manufacturing process can be for an automobile.

The Verdict: A Mind-Blowing Flagship Worthy of the Cadillac Name

The 2024 Celestiq sets sky-high expectations befitting Cadillac's return to the pinnacle of luxury. Early impressions indicate Cadillac nailed the exterior presence, technology, performance, and sheer exclusivity required to compete in this rarefied air.

While the price tag limits ownership to the ultra-wealthy, the Celestiq makes a bold statement about American luxury. For those looking to stand out from the crowd with a spaceship on wheels, the Celestiq delivers an intoxicating future-forward experience.

Cadillac appears to have gone above and beyond to create a true flagship and overall work of automotive art. The Celestiq could very well be the most exciting vehicle of 2024.

2024 cadillac celestiq interior

Why the Celestiq May Redefine Luxury

In summary, here are the core reasons the Celestiq deserves the utmost attention:

  • Striking avant-garde design - The exterior stuns from every angle unlike anything else on the road. Celestiq makes a bold statement.
  • Bespoke customization - Endless personalization and hand-crafted production enables exclusive uniqueness.
  • Electrifying performance - With 600 hp, all-wheel drive, and adaptive suspension calibrated for balance between comfort and agility.
  • Breathtaking luxury interior - Technology and indulgence reach new heights with the pillar-to-pillar display and Executive Seating.
  • Ultium platform - Delivers excellent driving range and advanced capabilities for future autonomy.
  • Flagship halo - As the new top-of-the-line Cadillac model, the Celestiq spotlights the brand's ambitions.

For these reasons and more, expectations are sky high for the 2024 Celestiq. It appears Cadillac pulled out every stop imaginable to make a true 21st century flagship.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cadillac Celestiq

When can I order a Celestiq?

Cadillac opened up orders for the Celestiq in August 2022. You'll work with a dealer and personal designer to configure your unique Celestiq.

When will the Celestiq be available?

The Celestiq enters production in late 2023, with deliveries to customers expected in 2024. Only about 500 will be built per year.

How much range will the Celestiq have?

GM estimates the driving range at around 300 miles on a full charge. However, the final EPA-rated range remains unannounced.

How long does it take to charge the Celestiq?

With a 200kW fast charger, the Celestiq can add about 78 miles of range in 10 minutes. A full charge will take longer but can be done overnight at home.

Does the Celestiq have self-driving capabilities?

Yes, the Celestiq comes equipped with the latest Ultra Cruise system that enables hands-free driving on mapped roads. Full autonomous driving is not yet available.

What is the seating capacity of the Celestiq?

The Celestiq seats four people in supreme comfort with two deeply contoured buckets seats up front and two in the rear.

What is the cargo capacity?

Cadillac has not released the Celestiq's cargo dimensions yet. However, expect a long but shallow trunk area due to the sloped rear design.